Popular Services

This is where you can submit a request that does not fit into any other categories.

For issues with accessing or logging into your Shoreline Network account, Shoreline Email, Starfish, etc. This is not for ctcLink login issues.

For students to request help with ctcLink login and activation issues.

This service is to request changes to a users ctcLink permissions. All permissions are subject to Pillar lead approvals, and evaluation by the Local Security Administrators.

For help with ctcLink.

Basic information about merges, such as warnings, timelines, FERPA, and how to request a Cross-List/Merged course.

Request to add users to a Canvas Course. Prior to filling out request, review FERPA on our website and the Attorney General's Memorandum regarding student privacy.

For ctcLink login and activation issues. This is not for issues with accessing or logging into your Shoreline Network account, Shoreline Email, Starfish, etc.

Use this form to submit a grade change request.

Submit a request to checkout, renew or return equipment.

For assistance with Canvas, excluding login issues.

For issues with accessing your Shoreline Network Account or email. This is not for ctcLink issues, or for new Shoreline employees. All new Shoreline employees must go through the HR on-boarding process.

Fill out this form for assistance with Canvas account issues, Panopto, Evaluations, Observations and other eLearning questions.

Request to move your computer setup on campus, request a new computer, or a computer upgrade. (Please be advised that most full-time Shoreline employee machines are on a replacement cycle managed by TSS).

Submit a request for help with enrolling in classes or if you have questions about enrollment.

Use this form if you are looking to add a FERPA trained Navigator to your ESL or ABE course.

Request to add an observer to your online course per the Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article XXI: eLearning, Section H eLearning Evaluations and Observations

This service is for Shoreline Employees to request to checkout hardware from Shoreline Technology Support Services.

Request a Canvas BluePrint.

To request TSS to install software on your computer.

Request room rentals on campus.

Use this form to request to add a student with an incomplete is added to your course that has been concluded.

Report network outages and WiFi issues.