Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES) Instructor Evaluations Procedures

Two Weeks Prior to the Quarter 

Confirm and Update the Evaluation Calendar 

  1. Review/update the Calendar tab at Instructor Course Evaluations.xlsx

Save a Copy of the Hierarchy Mapper

  1. Log into CES. 
  2. Click Account.
  3. Click Hierarchy Mapper.
  4. Export Hierarchy Mapper.
  5. Save as PDF.

Email to Distribution List

  1. Copy/paste email addresses from the Division tab at Instructor Course Evaluations.xlsx into an email.
  2. Send the following email and attach a copy of the Hierarchy Mapper.


In preparation for the Fall quarter instructor evaluations, please let me know if your division has added, changed, or removed any courses or departments by reviewing the attached Hierarchy Mapper.

Evaluations will be sent to students 10 business days prior to the the last day of instruction. This varies depending on the class dates. Results will be available for CES Administrators the day after evaluations end. For instructions on how to access results, please view Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES) for CES Administrators. Results will be available for instructors the day after grades are due. Instructions are located at Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES) for Instructors


Thank you,

Your Name

Manage CES Administrators

  1. If you need to add or remove CES Administrators, view the instructions at Manage Administrators

Update the Hierarchy, if necessary

  1. To update the hierachy, view the Instructions at Hierarchy Mapper and Hierarchy Builder.

First Week of the Quarter

  1. Run Enrollment Query
  2. Delete the first line; Class Enroll.
  3. Add filters by clicking the arrow on the right side of the screen to select the entire document, and then click Filter.
  4. Delete Column A (Institution)
  5. Sort by Column C (Career) and remove all CNED classes.
  6. Sort by Column E (Subject) and remove CE and HST classes.
  7. Add a column after End Date and title it Eval Dates.
  8. Sort classes to see those without instructors, cut and paste into new tab.
    1. Contact the AA4 for that class to get it corrected.
  9. Need to check this in CES: There are a whole lot of 2-component (typically lecture/lab) classes where the same instructor is assigned to both components. (See, for example, AUTOC 171 E1 and E1L). 


  1. Main Survey (approved by JUMC 7-23-23)
  2. ESL Survey (approved by JUMC 12-13-23)
  3. Parent Educator Survey
  4. Non-Instructional Surveys

Create Projects

  1. Log into CES. 
  2. Click Projects at top of page.
  3. Create a copy of the most recent project by clicking Copy on the right side of the Project.
    • Change Title [2023 Winter Evaluations 3/7/23 - 3/20/23 8] and click “copy.” The number 8 represents the 8th project ran for that quarter. 
    • Refresh Screen.

copy project

Project Properties

  1. Open the new project and click Properties
  2. Under Project Settings
    • Add the Start and End date. Start date= count 10 days backward from last day of Instruction, not including weekends and holidays. Start 8am, end 11:59pm.  
    • Select the correct Folder.project settings
  3. Under Survey 'Come Back Later' confirm that the two Come Back Later buttons are checked.Survey Come Back Later
  4. Under Survey Opt-Out 
    • Confirm that the Enable Survey Opt-Out button is checked.
    • Confirm that under Display, the On Dashboard, In Survey in selected.
    • Scroll down to confirm that the Question is Mandatory box is checked.
      Survey Opt Out
  5. Under Term, select term or add a new term, if necessary. 
  6. Under Manage Courses
  • Confirm that Administrator: Allow to View Courses in Enrolled Level of Account Hierarchy is checked.
  • Add Administrator Access Start Date [the day the project is deployed] 
  • Confirm that Access End Date ends 12/31/2030 (5+ years out)
  • Under View, confirm the following three boxes are checked.

manage courses admin

  • Confirm that Instructor: Allow to View Enrolled Courses is checked.
  • Add Access Start Date [the day project is deployed] 
  • Confirm that Access End Date ends 12/31/2030 (5+ years out)
  • Under View, confirm the following two boxes are checked.

manage courses instructor

  • Click Save.

Go to Courses Tab  

  1. Click Data Import and select Canvas.
  2. Re-Sync Accounts (Once at the beginning of the quarter) 
    Resync Canvas
  3. Re-Sync Courses (Once at the beginning of the quarter) 
    • Select all accounts.
    • Select current term. 
    • Click Go.
  4. Clear Synced Courses (Once per year in the Fall) 
  5. Under Search Canvas Courses, set it up like this: 

Search by term and instructor

  •  Scroll to Filter Options and select More Options. On the last box select Course Code, keep Contains and then copy/paste the course codes from the Online Instructor Course Evaluations Request Form.  
  • Click Search button 

Course Code Search

  • Confirm that the correct courses and instructors are imported. 
  • Check the box to Select Courses to Import 
  • Scroll down to Select Users to Import and confirm it looks like this: 

Select Users

  •  Scroll to Unique Course Evaluations & Surveys Course Sections for each Instructor and check that box. 

Create Unique Course Evaluation

  • Under Add Instructor to Course Title, click the center radio button for Course Title: Firstname, Lastname.   
  • Check the box to receive confirmation emails for this data import. 
  • Click Import Data button and wait for email confirmation. 

When Instructors are Only Teaching One Section

Do this with (nursing) courses when instructors are only teaching one section. For example, if a class has 30 students in it, and there are two instructors, each are teaching 15 students. This is different that when instructors are co-teaching the same 30 students.


Update Users for CECO Classes

  1. For CECO classes, students can finish a section prior to the end of the quarter. To refresh the students in the class, click Data Import, then click Canvas.
  2. Under Add Refresh Schedule, select to Refresh every 1 day from the day prior to the project start date through the last day of the project.
  3. Under Refresh Students, click Add and Drop.
  4. Click Exclude Inactive Enrollments.
  5. Click the Save button.
    Refresh Schedule

Go to Survey Tab

  1. Click the blue Change Selected Survey button to add a different survey, if applicable. 
  2. Click the checkmark under Select on the right side of the screen.
  3. Click the blue Overwrite Survey button.
  4. Click the blue Save button at the bottom of the page.

Go to Communication Tab 

  1. Click Edit to add dates and confirm the email content is current.
  2. Click the Save button after updating each email, and then click the Communication tab again to refresh
  • Pre/Post-Survey Announcement Email 
    • Instructor= Scheduled 11 Days Before Project Start Date
    • Instructor= Scheduled 5 Days Before Project Start Date
  • Survey Invitation and Announcement Email
    • Student/Respondent= Scheduled 0 Days Before Project Start Date
    • Instructor= Scheduled 0 Days Before Project Start Date
  • Non-Respondent Email
    • Student/Respondent= Scheduled Every Day(s): 4 
  • Results Notification Email 
    • Instructor= Add the date for the day after grades are due  
  • Certificate of Completion Email
    • Student/Respondent= Scheduled to automatically send after completion


Go to Report Setup Tab 

  1. Allow Administrators to view reports for their area= the day after survey ends.   
    • Check the box to Include results from CES Administrator questions.
  2. Allow Instructors to view reports for their courses= the day after grades due. 
    • Check the box to Include results from CES Administrator questions.

Reporting Access

  1. Click the blue Save button.

Double Check Number of Instructors

  1. Click on the Courses tab.
  2. Click the Instructors.
  3. Sort Low to High and if there is a zero for instructors, delete these courses.
  4. Sort High to Low and if there are 2+ instructors, confirm that the instructors are co-teaching. If so, they will each have the same number of students in the column to the left. 



Go to Deploy Project tab

  1. Click the Deploy button. 
  2. Update spreadsheet and add the date deployed. 
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