TSS Equipment Checkout/Check-in

By checking out the Shoreline Community College equipment described below I, the borrower,  agree to the following terms and Conditions:

  • I will return the equipment, packaging, manuals, and all other associated materials complete, and undamaged to Shoreline Community College Technology Support Services at the end of my employment or when the device is no longer needed.
  • I will use the equipment and associated college provided consumables (i.e. toner, paper, etc.) only in accordance with the college Policies/Procedures and will not use the equipment for any personal, commercial, or political purposes.
  • I understand that the equipment remains the property of Shoreline Community College, and I will promptly return teh equipment unpon separation of employment from the college, or if earlier requested by the college administration.
  • I understand that the college may require the equipment to be returned at any time for inspection or inventory verification.
TSS Checkout/Check-in Request Form


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Thu 12/8/22 1:11 PM
Thu 3/16/23 4:55 PM