Request to add a New Section to a Former Course for an Incomplete Contract

This form is to notify us that you require a new section added to your former course, enabling your student with an incomplete contract to access the course.  We will proceed to create a dedicated section in the course for the student with the incomplete grade. This makes it so just that one student has access to the course in question.  Once we complete this request, you will hear from us stating that we added the section and the student to your course.  You will need to update the assignment deadlines within this new section, allowing the student to complete their coursework within the extended timeframe.

To request a New Section for your Student to Complete their work, click on the Request Service button on the right-hand side of the screen and fill out the form.

Request Service


Service ID: 2707
Tue 1/31/23 2:18 PM
Fri 4/5/24 1:27 PM