How do I log in to the virtual kiosk in Advising?

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How do I log in to the virtual kiosk in Advising?

You can use the Starfish virtual Kiosk in Advising for both scheduled appointments and drop in advising. The kiosk will let you sign in to meet an advisor, check your place in line, and let us know you are leaving. The virtual kiosk lets you find advising from anywhere!

First, find the virtual kiosk

The virtual kiosk can be found two ways: from inside Starfish, or via the direct link.

If you are already logged in to Starfish

From My Success Network (your homepage), search for Academic Advising in the search bar [1]. The Advising service will appear in the dropdown [2]. Click on that, and the Advising service page will open.


On this page, click JOIN WAITING ROOM [3].

If you aren’t logged in to Starfish

Follow the direct link, which can be found from this document or on the Advising homepage on the college website. You will then see this screen:


Then log in the virtual kiosk

Important note: the kiosk is only open in hours when Advising is open. If you come to kiosk outside of open hours, you will not be able to log in.

If you found the kiosk by being directly logged in to Starfish, then you are already logged in. If you found it using the direct link, however, you will need a couple more steps to log in.

If you have a CTCLink ID number:

Click the “Are you a Current Student? button [4] and enter your Starfish username and password.

If you don’t have a CTCLink ID number, or your ID number is brand new:

Click “Not a student? Not a problem” [5], then follow the instructions in the rest of this section.

If you have NOT worked with services at Shoreline Community College before:

Enter your first name [6] and your last name [7]. Then enter your email address [8] and confirm it [9]. Finally, enter your date of birth [10] and click SIGN UP [11].


If you HAVE worked with services here that use Starfish before:

Click Login using your email address [12]. Then enter the same email address you have given out to services before [13] and click SIGN IN [14].

If you have a scheduled appointment today:

You will see a screen that shows you your upcoming schedule appointment. To sign in to your appointment, click YES, CHECK IN [15]. If instead you want to change to a drop in, click “No, I want to join the wait list” [16].


If you are here for drop-in advising

Choose the one reason from the list that best matches why you are here [17], and click “Continue” [18].


In the text box [19], tell us in a sentence or two why you are here in more detail, and tell us whether you want to meet with an advisor in person, on zoom, or by phone. If you choose Zoom, you must provide us an email address so we email you your zoom link. PLEASE KEEP AN EYE ON THE WAIT LIST SO YOU KNOW WHEN TO CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR THE LINK.  If you choose phone, you need to provide a phone number where the advisor can call you. When you have entered all of this information, click Submit [20].


Important note: drop-in advising is available ONLY at certain scheduled hours. If you sign in for drop-in advising outside those hours, you may not be able to meet with an advisor today.

To check your place in line or check out

Sign in the kiosk again. You will see the following screen:


To view your place in line

Click “View the wait list” [21]. This will show you where you are on the list, and how many other students are waiting, and whether they are waiting for scheduled advising appointments or drop in advising.


To check out without seeing an advisor

Click YES, CHECK OUT [22] from the main screen, or CHECK OUT [23] from the wait list.
In the pop up that appears, click YES, CHECK OUT AGAIN.

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