Multifactor Authentication (MFA) required for Shoreline Employees

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Multifactor Authentication (MFA) effective July 26, 2022

On July 26, 2022 TSS will be turning on Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for Shoreline employee email and Microsoft products.  This is in an effort to help protect your account and the college, as there has been an increase in email phishing attacks as of late. 


Starting July 25th, when you sign in for the first time to any Microsoft product you will be prompted to setup your Multifactor Authentication. 


Type in your email address and password, and click sign in. 


Click next when the more information required field pops up to start the setup process. 


  • Follow the prompts and it will ask for the method you would like to use for MFA.  TSS recommends the Authenticator App. 
  • Follow instructions on the screen to complete the MFA enrollment. 

Method 1 of 2 - Choosing your Authentication method

There are three primary choices as authentication methods. The default, and recommended, authentication method is the Microsoft Authenticator app. If you would rather receive a text message or call sent to your mobile phone or call to your office phone, select “I want to set up a different method.”.


Authenticator App

This is the preferred method for secondary authentication. Using an authenticator app is faster and more secure. You have the option of using the Microsoft Authenticator or other authenticator app.

Download and Install an Authenticator App

If you have not done so already, go to your phone’s mobile store (Google Play, App Store) and download the Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator app. Any other authenticator app may work but they are not supported. Only use either the Microsoft or Google authenticator.

Do not click Next until you have the application installed and open on your mobile device.


On your mobile device Microsoft authenticator app –

Click the ‘+’ to add a new entry

Choose Work or School Account

Choose Scan QR Code

In the Browser –

Click Next

Scan the displayed QR Code using the authenticator app. The process may take a minute before returning you to the main screen where you will see your newly added Shoreline Community College entry.

Click Next

Click Approve in your authenticator app


Phone (Mobile - Call or Text)

Choose the desired option, click next.

If you opted for Text me a code, you would enter that code on the following screen. If you opted for Call, follow the prompt when the automated system calls you.


Office Phone (Call only)

This is the least preferred method as you will need to be able to answer the call. If you are working remote, this will not work for you. Enter your office phone number and click next. Follow the prompt when the automated system calls you.


Method 2 of 2 -- Choosing your application password

If you have applications that don't support multi-factor verification, you must set up an app password. See manage app passwords for more information. This step will walk you through creating this password.


Completing the process

You are presented with a summary of the steps you just completed.

Click Done.


Secondary Authentication Method – Highly Recommended

  • Once your primary method is setup, TSS highly recommends setting up a secondary method to ensure that you can access your account.
  • Please go to
  • Sign in with your email and password


  • The next screen will ask you to authenticate via your method you picked as your primary method.


  • Once you are fully signed in your will see the option to “Add sign-in method”
    • By clicking that option, you will see a “Add a method” popup with a dropdown
    • Click the dropdown and you will see the different options available.  Below are the approved methods of authentication.


  • Each option has different on-screen instructions to follow. Please follow the instructions to setup your secondary method.

If you run into any issues please Submit a Ticket, and TSS can help.

Known issues and helpful resolutions

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams may not work correctly until you exit Teams and sign back in.


1. Click your person icon in the upper right hand corner.



2. Click Sign out



3. Restart Teams


What is Multifactor Authentication is and why it is important?

Microsoft has provided a quick What is: Multifactor Authentication ( article with helpful information.  

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