How does a student submit a Hardship Withdrawal Request?

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Hardship Withdrawal

After the Withdrawal or W period of an academic quarter ends, an instructor may issue a hardship withdrawal or Z to a student who submits a Student Hardship Withdrawal Request form provided the instructor agrees that an unforeseen crisis and/or unusual, extreme circumstance occurred that interfered with or interrupted the student’s ability to attend class and continue to complete coursework at a passing level. A hardship withdrawal or Z is not included in a student's grade point average (GPA) calculations.

Caution Regarding Withdrawals

The student's written request is required before an instructor may issue a hardship withdrawal or Z. Withdrawing from a class both during and after the official Withdrawal or W period can have significant negative consequences for some students, especially for students who need to be enrolled in a minimum number of credits to maintain financial aid eligibility or international student visa status. 

Instructors should encourage students who ask to withdraw from classes to consult an academic advisor about whether dropping the credits for the class will negatively affect their financial aid or visa status.

Academic Advising:

International Academic Advising: 

Withdrawal or W Period

The Withdrawal or W period for a regular quarter is from the 11th day of instruction through the first day of the seventh week of classes. Summer quarter deadlines are different. To find the start and end of the W period, look for "Drops Show on Record as W" and "Last Day W Grade is Issued" for the current quarter in the Academic Calendar

Student Hardship Withdrawal Request

The Student Hardship Withdrawal Request form is posted on the intranet under Faculty Forms. An instructor who has discussed the hardship withdrawal process with a student may wish to send the student a link to the Student Hardship Withdrawal Request form.

Ideally, students should discuss their intention to request a hardship withdrawal with their instructor before submitting the form. A discussion of the form prior to submission provides instructors with an opportunity to encourage students to discuss possible negative consequences of withdrawing with academic advisors prior to submitting the request. The instructor may also wish to let the student know whether to submit documentation of the hardship, and if so, which documentation will be required.

Log In Using Shoreline Network Account

To submit the request, students log in using their Shoreline Network Account. This is their credentials, which they also use to log in to Canvas.


Use Drop-Down Menus

The form auto-fills with the student's name and email address. The student uses drop-down menus to select the appropriate quarter and class.


Description and Documentation of Hardship

The form provides a text box where the student can describe the hardship that is preventing the student from completing work for the class. The form also allows the student to attach documentation of the hardship. 



Instructor Notification and Approval/Denial of Request

Once the student submits the form, the instructor receives an email notification with a link to the form. The instructor logs in to the form using their Shoreline Network Account ( email credentials) and approves or denies the request. Approval or denial of the request is the sole decision of the instructor. The form provides space for the instructor to add a note to the student explaining a decision to deny the request.


Student Notification of Instructor Decision

The student will receive email notification of the instructor's decision regarding the hardship withdrawal request. A link to the form in the email requires the student to log in using their Shoreline Network Account ( credentials). The student can read an instructor's note after opening the link.

Here is an example of a possible reason for an instructor denying a hardship withdrawal request.


Entering a Z in the Grade Roster

An instructor who approves a student's hardship withdrawal request must enter a Z in the class grade roster. The grade submission system in ctcLink will require the instructor to enter a date of last attendance for a student receiving a Z. See How do I submit grades in ctcLink? for more information.

Policy 6260, Grades, Procedure

Policy 6260, Grades, Procedure provides detailed information about Shoreline Community College's grading systems and processes:  

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