How do I submit a Grade Change?

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Grade Changes

Instructors may request a change to a student's final grade for up to one calendar year after the end of an academic quarter by submitting a grade change request in writing to Enrollment Services using the appropriate grade change form. Reasons to change a grade include clerical errors (i.e., the instructor miscalculated the grade) and assigning a final grade to a student who has submitted the required coursework to fulfill the terms of an Incomplete contract. (See How do I submit an Incomplete Contract? for information about the process for assigning an Incomplete.)

Grade Change Request Form

The College's Grade Change Request Authorization form is available on the intranet under Faculty Forms: 

Direct link to Grade Change Authorization form: 

Instructors must use their Shoreline Network Account (their email credentials) to log in to the Grade Change Request Form. This secure log in keeps student information private in compliance with FERPA guidelines.

Grade Change Request Form Log In Page


Drop-Down Menus

Once opened, the Grade Change Request Form allows the instructor to change grades for courses the instructor taught for the previous year. The form shows the instructor's name and email address and provides drop-down menus for the instructor to select the quarter, the class, and the student for whom the grade change is being submitted.


The instructor selects the appropriate information, enters the new grade in the "Change Grade To" field, and clicks on the green "Submit Form" box at the bottom of the screen.

Instructor Confirmation Email

The instructor will receive a confirmation email message indicating that a grade change has been requested. The email includes a link to the form and information about how to get support if the form has been submitted in error.


Enrollment Services Confirmation or Rejection Email

The instructor will receive an email notification that Enrollment Services has entered the grade change as requested or has rejected the grade change request. The request may be rejected if the instructor has asked for the grade to be changed to a grade that is not included in the grading basis for the course. (See What are the grade bases in ctcLink? for information about the grading systems used in ctcLink.)

Grade Change Request Approved


Grade Change Request Rejected


Policy 6260, Grades, Procedure

Policy 6260, Grades, Procedure provides detailed information about about Shoreline Community College's grading systems and processes: 



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