How do I confirm a student's identity?

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Before giving out any information to students (beyond generic information that anyone could access) we need to confirm their identity.

Ways To Confirm Identity

  • Via Email and Zendesk
    • Confirm the student's preferred email and their ctcLink ID.
    • Confirm the student's email and ctcLink ID. 
  • Via Zoom
    • Check that the ctcLink ID and photo ID match.
    • Check that the ctcLink ID + name + DOB match.
    • Check that the ctcLink ID + name + last 4 ssn match.
    • Check that the name, DOB, last 4 ssn (if they don’t know their ctcLink ID) match.

How to View Student Information in ctcLink

  1. Log into ctcLink and click CS in the top right of your screen.mceclip0.png
  2. Click the NavBar, select Navigator and click Campus Community.
  3. Click Student Services Center.
  4. Add the ctcLink ID (Empl ID).
  5. This will allow you to verify student identity and also shows a lot of the same information students will see when they are logged into ctcLink. 

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