Why didn’t I receive my overtime?

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Shelly Scanlan

Why didn’t I receive my overtime?

CtcLink looks at our time by the week.  A week is defined as Sunday to Saturday.

When a pay period ends on any day except Saturday, ctcLink will not pay the overtime until the following pay period.  This example is for the 5/26-5/31 pay period.  The last week of the pay period ended on Tuesday 5/31, so if you worked overtime on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday the overtime will not be paid out until 6/25.

On the example above the 10.5 hours worked on Tuesday 5/31 (2.5 hours of overtime) will be processed on the 6/25 check.

As you can see below, this employee past 40 hours on Thursday 6/2, for the week of 5/29 to 6/4, so their overtime hours were posted on 6/02 and all hours worked on 6/3 were also posted as overtime. Since this week ends during the 6/1-6/15 pay period, they will process for payment on 6/25.


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