What happens when someone goes into Emeritus status?

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James Josleyn

What happens when someone goes into Emeritus status?

In alignment with the procedural guidelines of Policy 4722, Section 4, Subsection a, item iii, the following is to be expected:

  • A brief service outage on the faculty members emeritus date while the account is converted to an email only cloud account
  • All access to any Shoreline Community College resources granted by network account will be removed. Typically this would include and is not limited to SharePoint, OneDrive, Network Drives, Canvas, etc.
  • The existing mailbox will be replaced with a blank mailbox to ensure adherence to governance and compliance practices regarding FERPA & HIPAA data that may be part of the emails in the mailbox
  • The display / account name will be modified to show Emeritus status
  • No additional associated Microsoft365 services will be provided to the individual as they are no longer an employee




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