How does the waitlist process work?

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Waitlist Processing Information

Shoreline runs a waitlist update every 30 minutes from the date enrollment for the quarter begins through the third day of instruction.

A student cannot be enrolled from a waiting list using a permission number that overrides the class cap unless the student drops themselves from the waiting list and then enrolls using the permission number. We do not recommend an instructor give a student a permission number to enroll in a wait listed class because the wait list will continue to update every 30 minutes and once the student who has the permission number drops themselves from the waiting list the next student on the waitlist could get enrolled ahead of them if a spot in the class opens. We don't recommend that faculty overenroll anyone until after the waitlists are turned off, which happens at the end of the third day of the quarter. 

Article: 9.2 Waitlist Processing FAQ

SBCTC's ctcLink Reference Center has posted an extensive list of response to frequently asked questions about waitlists in ctcLink.

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