How do instructors create CES (EvalKit) reports?

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Building Reports (Instructors) 

Note: These instructions are from Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES). Not all features may be enabled. 


Step 1.  You can access your Course Evaluations & Surveys account in two ways: 

  1. Logging in to your LMS and clicking on the established evaluations link. In your LMS, you will see a link entitled something similar to “Course Evaluations and Surveys” or “Course Survey” (this depends on what has been enabled by the primary admin) and will click on that tab to be taken directly to your account. No username/password is required.
  2. Clicking on the link in an email sent by the main administrator (if applicable). Clicking on this link will take you directly to your account. No username/password is required.  

Step 2.  Once you see the Course Evaluations & Surveys site, click on the Results tab. This will present a list of dropdown reporting menu options (not all may be enabled): 



Response Rate Tracker  

View results of evaluations in real time, including number of respondents out of total enrollments, response rate percentage, and students who opted out. 

Dashboard view - Overview of response rate information 



Project Results  

Results of projects at the hierarchy, course or instructor level. Results show information such as: questions and responses, weight, frequency, percent, percent responses and means (Benchmarks appear in course-level reports only).  

Detailed Report - Results of evaluations, including questions and responses, weight, frequency, percent, percent responses, means, standard deviation and median. (Benchmarks are available for course-level reports.) 



Detailed Report with Comments - Comments included with detailed report results. 




Short Report - Results of project in a condensed form. Includes question, frequency, percent, means, standard deviation and median. 


 Short Report with Comments - Comments included with short report results. 


Response Report – Allows instructor to view responses by individual student (no names of students are listed)  


Raw Data - Excel file containing data about user responses, including timestamps and course information. 

Instructor Results  

Ability to search for results across projects. Click on project and choose relevant projects to search for. You will see a list of courses and can click on "View" on the right hand side to be presented with a list of reporting options. 



Report Builder  

Ability to filter and build reports by Project and Course. Also allows for saving and sharing of reports to other CES users and to others through inputting their email addresses. 

Example of customized report in Chart view.




Example of customized report in All view.



Results Feedback  


Shows list of feedback comments from administrator to instructor. 

Student Alert Reporting 

Shows record of students who have sent administrator or instructor a message using student alert function. 


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