How do supervisors delegate, accept or reject a delegation?

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Delegation of Supervisor

Will you be out of the office during a pay period end time? Please delegate to another supervisor (please be sure they will be available).

  • Log into ctcLink > HCM Self-Service.
  • Go to the Manager Self-Service Home Page.
  • Click on the Delegations tile.

  • Create a Delegation Request
    • Add a start and end date (be sure to include an end date)
    • Add a comment
    • Add User ID/search name of person you want to approve your employees time and absence requests while you are out.
    • Select what functions you want the delegation supervisor to do in your absence
    • Submit
  • Review My Delegates
    • This is an overview of active, accepted, ended, rejected, revoked and/or submitted requests.

To Accept or Reject a Delegation

  • Log into ctcLink > HCM Self-Service
  • Go to the Manager Self-Service Home Page
  • Click on the My Delegated Authorities
  • Accept or reject the delegation
    • Remember to review and approve timesheets and leave absence requests.


SBCTC Reference Center QRG (Quick Reference Guide):


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