How do staff request a partial day absence?

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Shelly Scanlan

Staff can request for a partial day absence, by following these instructions.

After clicking on the Time tile, Click the Request Absence tile.


Click Select Absence Name dropdown.

Fill in the Reason, Start Date, End Date fields and note that the Duration has defaulted to 8 hours. If you enter a different value in the Duration field and click the green Submit button, the system will NOT recognize that you changed the Duration…it will submit your request for 8 hours.  To avoid this problem, you MUST use the Partial Days button.



When you need to enter an absence for less than a full 8-hour day, click on Partial Days.


The Partial Days window is displayed


Click on the Partial Days dropdown.


Select whether the partial day is the Start Day or All Days (This setting determines whether the partial day value is applied to only the first day or to all days in the specified timeframe) If your timeframe is only a single day, it does not matter which option you select. By default, the system considers the first day in the timeframe as a half day. If you need to enter anything besides 4 hours of absence, you’ll need to click the Start Day is Half Day button on No.


The Duration field will now be displayed which allows you to enter the exact hour value.


Click on the green Submit button to return to the Request Absence page. You should verify that the Start and End dates and the Duration reflect the accurate values.


Once you have verified the information is correct, click on the green Submit button save and submit your absence request.


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