How do I verify a student's preferred email address in ctcLink?

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Student email on Class Roster

The Name column in Class Rosters contains a live link to the student's preferred email address. To copy a student's email address from the roster, left-click on the student's name and select "Copy email address." 

To view the student's email address, check the "Notify" box in the first column of the roster to the left of the student's name and click on the "Notify Selected Students" button below the roster. A new window will open with a text box for sending a message to the student. The student's email address will be visible in the BCC box on the Send Notification page.

The support article How do faculty send email messages to students from class rosters? includes a screen shot of a Send Notification page with sample student email addresses visible in the BCC box.

Student email in Student Center

The Advisee Student Center and the Student Center display Contact Information for the student. This includes the student's Home Address, Mailing Address (if different), Mobile Phone, and Home E-mail. 

The support article How do I view a student's personal information? includes instructions for locating students' preferred email addresses.

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