How do I make a tutoring appointment?

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Make a tutoring appointment 

  1. Log into Starfish
  2. On the Success Network page, scroll down Your Services and click on the Student Learning Center tile. 
  3. You will now see the Student Learning Center service profile. The Team Members section displays all tutors who can help with any of your current classes. If you don't see any tutors listed, there are no tutors available for the classes you are taking this term.   
      • Note: Areas of specialization display under each tutor’s name. 
  4. To make an appointment, click on the tutor you want to work with.  
  5. You will now see the tutor’s profile page. Click on the Schedule appointment button.  
  6. On the What do you need help with? page, click Tutoring. From the options provided, select the reason you need to meet with a tutor. If none of the reasons are exactly right, choose the closest option. Click Continue in the bottom right corner. 
  7. Choose the date and time that work best for you.  
      • Note: appointment locations display below the time. Be sure to check the appointment location, as some might be online and some might be in the Student Learning Center. 
  8. On the appointment details page, review the information (date, time, location, and reason) that displays.   
  9. If you plan to talk about a topic, skill, assignment, or test for one of your classes, click Add a course. Choose the course from the list that displays. 
  10. In the comment box, add any additional information you want your tutor to know. 
  11. Click Confirm. 

Great job! You have scheduled a tutoring appointment. A dialog box containing your appointment details will appear. You will also receive an email confirmation of your appointment details.  

Do you still need help? 

Contact the Student Learning Center for assistance. Call the phone number on the Student Learning Center service profile page in Starfish, or email   

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