How do faculty send email messages to students from class rosters?

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Locate Class Roster in Faculty Center

1. Open Faculty Center from ctcLink Gateway.


2. My Schedule is the default page.


3. Use Change Term to select the correct quarter. You have the option to Show Enrolled Classes Only, as in the example in the screenshot above.

4. Open the Class Roster by clicking on the Class Roster icon in far left column next to the class information.


Select Students to Notify

5. The Class Roster opens on a new page. 

6. Use the Enrollment Status dropdown menu to select which students you wish to see on the roster. The options are AllDroppedEnrolled, and Waiting. If you select All, the roster will show an alphabetical list that includes students who have dropped the class or are wait listed, as well as those who are enrolled.

a. If you select Enrolled, you will get a roster of Enrolled Students.


b. If you select Waiting, you will get a roster of Waitlisted Students.


7. Student information on the Class Roster includes IDName, and Program and Plan. Clicking on hyperlinked student names allows you to email individual students at their preferred email addresses. 

8. To send email messages to more than one student, click on the check boxes to the Notify column or click on the Select All box below the class roster. 


9. Click on the Notify Selected Students button or the Notify All Students button to open a message interface that allows you to send an email from ctcLink to the selected students.

Type and Send Message

10. The From and To at the top of the notification should be auto-populated with your Shoreline email address. If you see another email address, you will want to change you preferred address in ctcLink to your Shoreline email address: How do I set my preferred email address in ctcLink? 

11. Addresses for the students you selected from the roster will be auto filled into the BCC box. 

12. The Subject is auto-populated to <From the desk of Faculty Name>. Replace this text with the subject of your message.

13. Type your message in the Message Text box.


14. Click the Send Notification button below the text box.

Copy Student Email Addresses to Another Format

15. Follow these steps to copy and save student email addresses in another format so you can email them directly from Outlook:

a. Open the desired Class Roster, remembering to limit the choice to Enrolled in the Enrollment Status dropdown menu if you want to copy only the email addresses for enrolled students.

b. Click the Notify All Students button at below the Class Roster. This will open in the browser tab a pre-set email format with editable fields.

c. Students' preferred emails in ctcLink will be listed in the BCC field (see screen shot at number 13 above). Note that students may select personal email addresses as their preferred email addresses inctcLInk.

d. Copy and paste student emails from the BCC field into another program such as Word or Excel to create a mailing list.



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