How do I get to the Employee/Campus Directory?

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The Employee Directory is an online database of all current and active faculty and staff that work at Shoreline Community College. The Directory allows any user of the website to search for an employee and view their information, including their photo, job title, phone number, email, bio, office number, education and training, and office hours.

You can access the Employee Directory four different ways:

  1. Directly using the following link:

  2. From the main menu:
  3. From the footer:
    • On any webpage, scroll to the bottom of the page to the footer
    • Click on 'Employee Directory' from the link listfooter.jpg

  4. Via the Search bar:
    • On any webpage, click on the search bar and type 'employee directory'
    • Click on the first result, the 'Directory' link

On the Employee Directory page, you can search for an employee, view the Division listings, see and print the full directory, download the full directory as a Word document, view a list of all employees in alphabetical order, and access the "Edit Directory Info" button to login and edit your personal directory information.




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