How do I customize and personalize my ctcLink account?

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The Homepage are the tiles you see when you enter a pillar (CS, HCM, FSCM, etc.). You can create a new homepage with all your favorites and then make it the default Homepage so that every time you enter a pillar using the top row navigation your favorites are right there. You can also add to an existing Homepage. To personalize the Homepage, click the ellipsis in the upper right hand corner. 


You can drag tiles in a different order, delete tiles, copy or move to a different Homepage. The order on the left sidebar is the order you will see Homepages. The top one is your default. Drag a Homepage’s
name to change the order. 



Depending on the size of your screen and font size you only have room for two or three additional icons that you can see in the NavBar. If you add more you will need to scroll to see what is available. You do have the option to click on the circle next to the NavBar to Personalize your NavBar. You can add tiles, or click on the red x in the circle to remove them. You can also drag and drop to reorder. 

Tip: If you have a sequence of processes to run, add them as favorites and name them starting with the  step number.

mceclip1.png                 mceclip2.png

My Favorites

The My Favorites star can be found on your NavBar. At the top you have a link to Edit Favorites, followed  by all your favorites. 



Unlike the drag and drop functionality of personalizing your NavBar, you need to
enter a sequence number to reorder favorites. 


Personalize a Page

When you are on a page that allows for personalization you will see the option in the right hand corner. 


To personalize, go to the tab you want to have open first, and select view all if you want to change that. Then click on Personalize Page from the upper right hand corner of your screen. Check the first two options (or whatever options you want to change). 


For those who do a lot of data entry you can change the tabbing order on a page, or what field you go to when using the Tab key. You can skip fields you do not use, or change the order you like to enter data.
This image shows the default tabs changed from General to User Roles – because User Roles is the tab that I always use first. I also like to see all rows (which will show up to 100 at a time) instead of 10 rows.



Change the Order of Fields Displayed

You can change the order of fields in a data grid. For example, this class permission data has a number of fields. Not all are necessary when granting the permission. The comment field at the end is very important.



When you see the multiple tabs and the “show all columns” button you can click on the Personalize link.



You will see the list of fields. You can reorder fields. Put those fields that you need to enter data into at the top, in the order you want to enter the data, or view the data.


Unfortunately, there is no way to change what displays on each tab or the name of the tab. The first tab will display as much as it can fit, then move on the second tab, etc.

Save a Search

If you use the same search parameters each time you search in a particular page you can save that search  criteria, name it, and then use the saved search when needed instead of filling in all the information each time.


Multiple Person Records

If you are working with a long list of people on a PeopleSoft component, rather than searching every time, you can use the “IN” condition to fetch all the records at one time. Then you can go down the list or use the next record.


Search Match

Always SEARCH before you create a new person record. Always use Search Match. Duplicate students must be sent to SBCTC and is a manual, time consuming process.

Navigation: Main Menu → Campus Community → Personal Information(student)→ Search/Match

Navigation: Main Menu > Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Search Match Internal/External

In the Search Type field, select Person

In the Search Parameter field, select PSCS_TRADTIONAL

Then Save Search Criteria, and name your search.



In the Search Result Code field click on User Default, then use the lookup icon and select PSCS_TRAD_RESUL. Click on “Return to advanced search” and this will save this information as the default.

Now save to favorites – in whichever ways you want (homepage, navbar, favorites).

You can search on as few as 3 characters


Multiple Windows

You can open a second instance of PeopleSoft in a different browser, or you can open a second window.




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