How do I find co-requisite (support) classes in ctcLink?

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Co-requisite classes look different in ctcLink

In the legacy system, Shoreline added S to a course prefix to enroll students in Co-requisite or Support sections using a class shell that combined co-requisite classes for English, Math, and Philosophy. 

For example, a class shell listed as MATHS 046 clustered MATH& 146 with a support section of MATH 046, allowing students to register for both sections at once when they registered for MATHS 046.

Clustering classes together in a registration shell is not possible in ctcLink.

Rather than using a class shell, the ctcLink class schedule uses Enrollment Requirement Groups that link classes together in the registration system and require students to register for both the primary class and the co-requisite class. Students must register for both of the classes included in the Enrollment Requirement Group.

Co-requisite classes are in Enrollment Requirement Groups

1. When an English, Math, or Philosophy class section has a co-requisite or support section, the primary class section and the co-requisite class section are combined in an Enrollment Requirement Group that requires the student to register for both the primary class section and the co-requisite class section. 

2. The Information text for both sections lists Enrollment Requirements that indicate the section is part of a combined class that requires enrollment in both classes. In Spring 2022, for example, ENGL& 101, English Composition I, Section N4K-LEC Class Number 36908 is combined with ENGL 98, Writing Studio, Section N1K-LAB Class Number 36806. The Enrollment Requirements for each section indicate that a student must register for both sections.



3. Students who attempt to register for one section without registering for the other section will be unable to complete their registration until they add the other required class.

Two ways to find co-requisite classes in the online class schedule

Look for the letter K in the section number for the class

4. When searching or browsing the online class schedule, you will see the letter K in the section number of a class that is part of a co-requisite Enrollment Requirement Group. Both the primary class section, e.g., ENGL& 101, and the support class, e.g., ENGL 98, will include a K in the third spot in the section number. (The letter in the first spot -- E, N, or Y -- indicates instruction mode, and the number in the second spot indicates the section number within that instruction mode.)

5. In the screen shot below, three of the five sections of MATH& 107 scheduled for Spring 2022 have Ks in the section number indicating that students must enroll in a co-requisite course when selecting one of these sections.Math_in_Society_with_K_marked.png

6. In the screen shot below, the three sections of MATH 47 that are paired with the three K sections of MATH& 107 in Enrollment Requirement Groups for Spring 2022 include Ks in their section numbers.


Search for co-requisite classes using Course Attributes

7. The ctcLink online schedule allows you to search for courses that have specific Course Attributes. The Course Attributes for co-requisite classes are English with Support, Math with Support, and Philosophy with Support.

4. To search for classes using Course Attributes, open the additional filters in the online class schedule and select Shoreline Attributes in the dropdown menu.


8. In the Course Attribute Value pulldown menu, select English with SupportMath with Support, or Philosophy with Support and click on the green Search button.


9. The search will show all the classes scheduled for the selected quarter that share the Course Attribute you have chosen. The Philosophy with Support classes are shown in the screen shot below. The Ks in the class section numbers for the primary course, PHIL& 120, and the support course, MATH 40, indicate that these class sections are included in co-requisite Enrollment Requirement Groups. 


10. Clicking on the arrow next to the section numbers for these classes expands the white accordions to show class Information. The text in Enrollment Requirements states that students must enroll in both the primary section and the support section that are combined in the Enrollment Requirement Group. The text for Class Attributes indicates that these sections are Co-requisite Philosophy/Math classes


Find out more about Course Attributes: 

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