What do I need to know about ctcLink and Examplify?

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What is Examplify?

Shoreline Community Colleges uses the platform Examplify to administer and proctor exams.

Students who use Examplify 

  1. After you activate your ctcLink account, if you are logged into the Examplify with your SID, you will need to log out and then log back in with your ctcLink ID.
  2. Before entering your ctcLink ID, you will need to "Add a New Account" and look up Shoreline Community College.  

Password not working?

  1. If your password is not working, please click "Reset Password."
  2. Use your Shoreline email (@go.shoreline.edu) as your recovery method.
  3. Check your Shoreline email for an email from Examplify to reset your password. 
  4. Reset your password using the same password you you used for ctcLink.  
  5. Try to log in again.

This didn't solve the problem?

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