What is the Course Attribute filter and how do I use it to search for classes?

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Course Attribute Filter

The Course Attribute filter in the ctcLink online class schedule allows you to search for classes that meet one of 25 course attributes attached to Shoreline courses. The 25 course attributes are described in the article What are Course Attributes?

Locate Course Attribute Filter

1. To find the Course Attribute filter, open the online Class Schedule for the quarter you wish to search. Select Class Search in the left navigation menu.


2. Click on More Filters in the upper left corner of the page to open additional search boxes.


Find State-Defined Course Attributes

3. State-defined attributes for Low-Cost Textbooks and OER: No Textbook to Purchase are located at the top of the Course Attribute pull drop-down menu in the third line of search filters (this filter is outlined in blue in the screen shot below).

Find Shoreline Course Attribute Values

4. To find 23 locally-defined course attributes, pull down the Course Attribute filter drop-down menu and select Shoreline Attributes (this option is circled in blue in the screen shot below). 


5. Pull down the Course Attribute Value filter drop-down menu and select the Shoreline Attribute you wish to search for. 


6. Click on the desired Shoreline Course Attribute Value and then click on the green Search button.

7. This search will display an alphabetical list of classes that are coded with the Shoreline Course Attribute Value you selected.


Course Attribute in Class Information

8. Expand the class information accordion tile by clicking anywhere on the white bar that shows the class section number, class status, and other top-level class information.

9. The Information portion of the expanded class tile shows the class's description and other information including Course Attributes, which at the class level are called Class Attributes. Note that a single class may have more than one Class Attribute.


10. In the example above, GWS 284, Gender, Race, and Class, has two Class Attributes. This means a student can use this class to meet either the Transfer Gen Ed: Multicultural Understanding requirement or a Transfer Soc Dist: Social Sciences distribution requirement.


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