How do I create and use class permission numbers?

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Faculty ctcLink Instructions: Permission Numbers in ctcLink 

Faculty can generate and issue permission numbers in ctcLink to allow students to override enrollment blocks when a class is closed, there are class pre-requisites that are not yet entered into the student’s official records, or instructor permission is required to enroll.  

Are Permission Numbers Required for Every Class? 

During enrollment, the ctcLink system displays a permission number box for every class. Students do not need to enter a permission number for every class. Students will need to enter permission numbers to enroll if a class is closed, they need verification that they have met a class pre-requisite, or a class requires instructor permission. Students should continue with the process to enroll for a class without entering a permission number unless they are prompted to do so after clicking the Enroll Button. 


Important!  When enrolling for a class that is not closed, does not have a prerequisite, and/or does not require instructor permission, students do not need to enter a permission number. They should save the Permission Number box without entering a number (leave the box blank), continue through the enrollment process, and click on the Enroll Button.

When to Use Permission Numbers 

Class permissions are attached to individual class sections in ctcLink. Students must know which class section they wish to enroll in to request a permission number. 

Instructors can use permission numbers to override Closed Class and Consent Required for sections of their own classes. These permissions allow students to enroll with instructor permission when a class section is closed or when instructor consent is required.  

Instructors, advisors, and selected staff can use permission numbers to override Requisites Not Met for individual class sections if they determine through placement or transcript evaluation that the student places into the class or meets class pre-requisites. 

Shoreline does not use permission numbers to override “Career Restriction” or “Permission Time Period” restrictions. 

Important Information about Co-Requisite Classes

Permission numbers to override requisites override ALL requisites, including co-requisites. This means that for "with Support" classes or other paired classes such as CHEM 171/181 a student using a permission number to override requisites will be able to enroll in one of the required classes without enrolling in the other required class. The student may be unable to enroll in the missing co-requisite class later if ctcLink sees a time conflict between the two classes.
To address this problem:
  1. When giving permission numbers for "with Support" classes or other paired classes, give the student a permission number for each class section in the co-requisite. 

  2. The student should be told to make sure both sections of co-requisite classes are in their shopping cart when they enroll.

  3. If a student enrolls in one half of the pair and cannot add the missing half later due to ctcLink detecting a time conflict, the student can get new permission numbers and drop and re-add the sections.


How to Generate and Issue Class Permissions 

Navigate to Class Permissions in ctcLink 

  1. From the ctcLink CS Staff Homepage or the ctcLink Advisor Homepage, go to the Nav Bar by clicking on the compass icon in the top right corner.  


2. Click on the Navigator icon. 


3. In the Navigator, click through the following menu options: 

Records and Enrollment → Term Processing → Class Permissions → Class Permissions 





4. You can create a shortcut to the Class Permissions page by following directions for How do I customize and personalize my ctcLink account?

5. Fill out the information table on the Class Permissions search page. 


a. Academic Institution: WA070 for Shoreline (if you teach at more than one college make sure you are searching at the correct institution) 

b. Term: Use the magnifying class lookup button to select term, or follow this pattern: 

i. YEAR, remove 2nd digit (example: 2022 → 222) 


Winter = 1 

Spring = 3

Summer =5 

Fall = 7

(example: Spring 2022 → 2223) 

c. Subject Area (include & if applicable)  

d. Course Nbr (course number) 

 6. Click Search. 

Note: If you anticipate searching for the same discipline or the same course numerous times during the enrollment period, follow the directions in How do I customize and personalize my ctcLink account? for adding icons to your Nav Bar, adding to and editing My Favorites in your Nav Bar, and saving search parameters (Save a Search). 

7. Check the number of class sections your search finds. If your search finds multiple sections, use the arrows in the top right corner of Class Section Data to click to the desired section. 


8. Check to be sure you have located the correct Class Section, Class Nbr, and Instructor before continuing. 


Generate and Issue Class Permissions  

9. Set Expiration Date: The default setting is the last day of the quarter. Reset the Expiration Date to the date by which the student should use the permission number. A suggested date is three business days from the date the permission number is issued. The expiration date should not be set later than the fifth instructional day of the quarter, which is the final date students can self-enroll. 

a. Permission numbers are attached to individual class sections; if a student is issued a permission number for “Requisites Not Met” or “Instructor Permission” and the class closes, the student can use the permission number to add themself to the wait list but will not be enrolled directly into the section. 

b. Students may not self-enroll for classes after the fifth day of instruction; enrollment after the fifth day of instruction requires the student to submit a Petition for Late Enrollment. 

10. Select Permission Valid For: Uncheck all boxes EXCEPT the reason(s) you have for issuing the permission number(s) you are generating: 

a. Closed Class: Overrides course capacity and bypasses the wait list. Wait lists are active through the third day of instruction. Until the fourth day of instruction, enrollment in closed classes must be in wait list order. (Related article: How do faculty view wait lists?)

b. Requisites Not Met: Ignores class prerequisites. Check this box if you have used transcript evaluation or a similar review to place the student into the class. 

c. Consent Required: Select if a class requires instructor permission for enrollment. 

d. Career Restriction: Not used at Shoreline. 

e. Permission Time Period: Not used at Shoreline. 

11. In the box to the right of Assign More Permissions, enter the number of permissions you wish to generate: 

a. Enter 1 if you are working with a single student who needs a permission number. 

b. If you are creating permission numbers for a class section that requires instructor permission for all students enrolling in that section, or if you anticipate needing more than one permission number, you may wish to create enough permission numbers to meet the anticipated quarterly enrollment in the class section.

12. Click Generate and the requested permission number(s) will be added as a new line (or lines) at the bottom of the Class Permission Data table for the section. (At this point, you may wish to click on the Save button in the lower left corner of the page to save your work. If your ctcLink connection times out before you save your work, you will lose the permission number(s) you have created.)



13. Expand the Show All Columns icon at the top of the Class Permission Data table to view detailed information about the permission numbers for this class section. 


14. If you have generated more than one permission number, or if the class already has permission numbers generated by another advisor or instructor, you will see the number of permission numbers created for the section listed in the upper right corner of the Class Permission Data table. Click View All to see all rows of permission numbers for the class.


15. A permission number is valid for a single class section only, it overrides only the checked Permission Valid For item, and it expires on the chosen Expiration Date. When you give a permission number to a student, explain to the student which section it is for, which permission it is valid for, and when the permission number expires.

16. To issue the permission number, check the Issued box, then type into the Comments box the first initial and last name of the student receiving the permission number, a slash, and a brief reason for issuing the number. This information will be helpful if the student later has a question about the permission number or if other instructors or advisors are also issuing permission numbers for this class.

17. Click Save in the lower left corner of the page. You must save the permission number. If you do not save it, it will disappear from the system and the number you give to the student will not work.


18. Give the student the permission number listed in the Number column. Be sure to tell the student which section the number is for, which permission you are granting, and the expiration date.


 19. After you click, Save, the Issued By column will show your ctcLink ID number and the Issued Date column will show the current date. Do not leave this page until you see your ID number in the Issued By column. This indicates you have saved the permission number correctly. If you do not save the permission number, it will disappear from the system and the number you give the student will not work.  

20. When the student uses the permission number to enroll, the student's ID and Name will be added to the appropriate columns, the Status will change from Not Used to Used, the date the student used the permission number will appear in the Permission Use Date column, and the checkbox for the Permission Valid For reason will change from blue to gray.


21. You may wish to use the Personalize link to rearrange the columns in the Class Permission Data table. You may wish to move the unused Career Restriction and Permission Time Period columns to the far right, for example, or move the Comments column to the far left. Be sure to click OK to save your Personalize settings. 

9.2 Class Permissions -- Individual Class

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