When do I use my ctcLink ID and when do I use my Shoreline Network ID (i.e., my Shoreline email and password)?

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ctcLink ID

Use your ctcLink ID to log in to the statewide software and data system that replaced the HP legacy system.  ctcLink will help you with functions that you accessed in HP by entering your SID online or on a form.

You'll use your ctcLink ID to open the ctcLink versions of HP applications like Instructor Briefcase and Earnings & Leave, as well as the online interfaces that replace financial services and human resources forms that required your SID. Things you'll do after you log in to ctcLink include finding and opening class rosters, submitting final course grades, updating employee information, requesting leave, filing expense reports, and locating payroll information.

Shoreline Network ID

You'll use your Shoreline Network ID, i.e., your Shoreline email address and password, to access applications that are not part of ctcLink. These non-ctcLink systems include:

  • Canvas
  • Ray Howard Library online resources
  • On campus computers
  • On campus Wi-Fi
  • Communication Preferences/RAVE
  • Office365/Teams/SharePoint
  • Accessible Information Management (AIM) for Student Accessibility Services
  • Starfish

What about students?

This is the same for students. They will still need to activate and use their go.shoreline.edu email address and password to access Shoreline Network accounts, and they will activate their ctcLink accounts to complete registration, financial aid, check grades, order transcripts, etc.

The only difference for students is that they will be able to set their preferred email address in ctcLink and receive all campus communications at that email address instead of being required to use their go.shoreline.edu email address for college business.

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