What is the procedure to add or edit an article in the Support Center?

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To add or edit an article in the Support Center

  1. Search the Support Center to see if there is already an article written on the subject. If there is and you would like to make edits, please submit a request and include the changes you would like to make. You will be notified when the changes are made. 
  2. Search the website to see if the information is already posted. If it is, copy and paste the wording below, replace the items in bold, format the title of the article into a question (How do I... When I... What is...) and submit a request. You will be notified when the article is posted.

    More information about [summarize the question] is available on our website at [add descriptive hyperlink here].  

    For additional information please contact [add the department name and hyperlink].

  3. If it’s not already in the Support Center or posted on the website, follow the guidelines below.

Guidelines for Support Center Writing Articles

  • Create a Word document.
  • Format the title of the article into a question (How do I... When I... What is...). 
  • Create a single article for each audience type. Here’s an example: 
    • How do I login to Canvas as a student? 
    • How do I login to Canvas as a staff member? 
    • How do I login to Canvas as a faculty member? 
  • Include as many related keywords and context as possible in an article's first 75 words.  
  • Summarize the answer in the first sentence, if possible, since this is what will be seen first.  
  • Wherever possible, an article should cover a single, specific topic. If possible, offer a single resolution for each issue as well. Say, for example, you need an article walking a customer through an account set-up process, which involves two main tasks: Creating an account and selecting account options. You could have a single article covering both tasks, since they are both part of the account set-up process. However, breaking it up into two articles, one for each task, will help Answer Bot choose the article that best matches your customer's needs, and help your customer locate the applicable information without having to wade through unnecessary text. 
  • Follow these guidelines to optimize the article for the Answer Bot.
  • When adding Header 2 the article will create sections for each header.


  • Review for accessibility.  
    • Add alternative text to embedded images and videos to add descriptive keywords.  
    • All links use descriptive language which means you describe the resource and add the link to the “Display text” pop up. If you need assistance with this, please submit a request.
    • Example: Class Schedule mceclip0.png
  • Submit a request and be sure to attach the Word document. You will be notified when the article is posted.

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