How do students activate their ctcLink account?

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Activate ctcLink Account

View instructions how to activate your ctcLink Account to get your new ctcLink ID number. If you already have a ctcLink ID from another college, you can log in with those credentials.


Error Code While Setting Your Password? 

If you receive error code "Your ctcLink ID could not be created" while setting your password, it is typically because of one of these three reasons:
  1. You are using your first or last name in your password.
  2. Your security answer is too long.
  3. You have entered an incorrect email or phone number.



Log into ctcLink

Once you have activated your account and received your ctcLink ID, you can log into ctcLink by selecting the ctcLink Login tile.

Next Steps

Once you are successfully active in ctcLink:

More Information

For more information, view ctcLink for Students on our website.

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