How do I gain access to the VPN or Remote Desktop?

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Remote Connectivity Solutions

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This document will describe the supported options, process for requesting, and configuration procedure(s) for using remote connectivity to access Shoreline Community College resources. Any configuration procedures are provided using Chrome Browser for Windows 10 and macOS. Unless otherwise specified, it is recommended using Chrome to complete procedure steps.

There are two types of solutions available for remote connectivity. The expected outcome is the determining factor for which method is most appropriate: Remote Desktop Services (RDS) or Virtual Private Network (VPN). 


Requesting Access:

Requesting remote access to campus resources is applicable to all administrative and classified staff. Not all work situations are suitable for approving remote access and should be discussed with the supervisor.

Review Teleworking Policy and its Procedure

Complete a Work at Home Agreement

You will need to determine which method is most appropriate for your working needs.

  • The purpose and intent of Remote Desktop Connection is to provide access to applications that would not normally be available using the Virtual Private Network and associated resources.
  • The purpose and intent of the Virtual Private Network is to provide access to common distributed applications and network storage in a secure method

Identify whether your office computer is an Apple or Windows device.

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