How do classified and hourly employees report time?

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 *Exempt employees only report time when taking leave.

  • Go to the ctcLink login page
  • Enter your ID and password, and click Sign In
  • Click on HCM Self Serivce


  • Select the Time tile


  • Select the Enter Time tile


  • If you have more than one role, there will be a drop down to select the appropriate role you are entering time for. 


  • The Enter Time page displays.


    • There is a View Legend link at the top of the page that gives additional details about information that can be seen on the screen.
    • Select a Time Reporting Code (TRC) from the drop-down on the left.
    • Enter the number of hours worked on the day selected.  Partial hours must be represented in the decimal, for instance eight and a half hours would be 8.5.
  • Use the plus if you need to add a row (for example, if you need to add time with a different Time Reporting Code (TRC)
  • Use the minus to remove a row if you need to delete it.



  • There is a comment box if a comment is needed.
  • Comments, once entered cannot be altered or deleted.
  • All employee comments are considered discoverable.


If you are an hourly employee with a lunch break, enter time in the following pattern:

  • In what time you started work for the day
  • Lunch – time you left for your break
  • In (from lunch) – time you returned to work
  • Out – time you finished work for the day


If you do not have a lunch break, enter time in the following pattern:

  • In – what time you started work for the day
  • Out – time you finished work for the day

If there is a large break in the day, this is not a lunch break.

  • On the first row, enter your In and Out times.
  • Select the + and add a row.

Enter the additional In and Out times.


IMPORTANT: Make sure you report the time you ended work in the Out field. If you use the lunch field, the system will think you are on a break and not that your work was completed for the day. This will cause time reporting errors.


Tip: Time is assumed to be 24 time if no AM or PM entry is indicated.

  • For example, 8:00 AM can be entered as either 8 or 8AM in the timesheet.
  • For example, 2:00 PM can be entered as either 14 or 2PM in the timesheet (i.e. if 2 is entered without the PM then the system will assume that means 2AM)


  • Click Submit after you have entered time. If you add time and try to move to another page before clicking Submit, you will see an error message.submit.jpg

  • Time will be processed periodically and sent to the employee’s supervisor for approval.


Using CTC Time to Enter Time

CTC Time is an alternative option for reporting hours. CTC Time can be used if you have multiple jobs or work at multiple colleges. See below for instructions for using the CTC Time tile. 

  • When you are in the “Time” tile, you will click on "CTC Time." 


  • The “CTC Time” screen appears, which will allow you to choose the job for which you are entering time.

  • Once you select the correct job, the CTC Time page allows you to choose the date of the timesheet, enter the hours you are reporting, and to select the proper Time Reporting code.

  • You will then click on the "Submit" button in the middle left-hand section of the screen.


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