How do I view my weekly teaching schedule?

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View My Schedule in a Weekly Calendar

Navigation: ctcLink CS Staff Homepage > Faculty Center

My Schedule will display your class schedule for the current term. In this display, you are able to view a different term’s schedule, view a different display option, view your class roster, and view your grade roster when available. If needed change the term to the appropriate term for grading.

1. Select the display option button for Show Enrolled Classes Only.

2. Select the View Weekly Teaching Schedule button.

My Schedule page

3. Enter a future date in the "Show Week of" field and select the Refresh Calendar button.

View My Weekly Schedule page

4. Under the Display Options section select the Show Class Title checkbox and select the Refresh Calendar button.

5. Select the Printer Friendly Page link.

View My Weekly Schedule page

6. Select the Return to View My Weekly Schedule link.

View My Weekly Schedule page

7. Select the Return to Faculty Center link.

View My Weekly Schedule page

8. Select the Change Term button to view a different term.

9. Select another term and select the Continue button.

Select Term page

10. Process complete.


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