How do faculty report absences?

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Navigate to Request Absence Page

To find Employee Self Service, click in the HCM Self-Service link in the left navigation bar on the ctcLink Gateway page, or click on the HCM link in the top right navigation links on the same page. HCM = Human Capital Management, which is ctcLink for HR or Human Resources.


Navigation:  Employee Self Service (Fluid Page) > Time (Fluid Tile) > Request Absence

1. From Employee Self Service (HCM Self Service), select the Time tile.


2. On the Time page select the Absence Request page.


Select Job Title

3. If you have different positions at Shoreline or work at multiple campuses, use the Job Title menu to select the job for which you are reporting leave. This allows you to report leave for the correct job or college. 


4. If the job titles for part-time work at different campuses are similar, you may not be able to determine which job is for which college until you pull down the Absence Name menu to see the college district codes. In the example below, 220 is Tacoma Community College, which means this FACULTY PART TIME employment is at Tacoma.


5. Use the Absence Name pulldown menu to select the absence type. There will be a college district code to the left of the Sick Leave choice. Examples: 070 Sick Leave is Shoreline (070 is the Shoreline District code), 060 Sick Leave is the Seattle District, 040 Sick Leave is Skagit College District, 080 Sick Leave is Bellevue College District, etc. If the available district codes do not match the college for which you wish to report leave, select a different Job Title until you fund the correct college code.


Enter Absence Information

6. Use the Absence Name pulldown menu to select the absence type. Enter the absence details from Absence Name drop down menu. First, Select Absence Name.

NOTE: For Shoreline, most reported leave will be 070 Sick Leave (do not select 070 Non-Comp Sick Lv). Report missed time that is not covered by 070 Sick Leave as CTC Leave w/o Pay.



7. Next, Select Absence Reason.


Report Full-Day Absences

8. Next, enter Start Date and End Date.

Example One: Two full days are requested


9. In the above screen shot, a FT faculty member has reported two full days of Sick Leave for the reason of Personal Illness/Injury. Note that ctcLink records absences in hours rather than days. If you enter the number of days, the program will convert days to hours based on your work schedule. A FT faculty schedule is 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. 

10. If you report a full day of leave, you are reporting 7 hours of leave. If you work part-time, you should report fewer hours of leave. To calculate the number of hours to report, multiply your assigned workload by 7. For example, if you are teaching a .3333 load (typically, one 5-unit class), your reported leave would be .3333 load * 7 hours = 2.33 hours. 

Report Only Working Days

11. Do not include weekends or official holidays within the Start Date and End Date when reporting leave. If you are reporting leave that spans two work weeks (e.g., you were absent on Thursday and Friday and then absent on Monday and Tuesday), report this absence as two separate two-day absences. 

Report a two-day absence from 05/19/2022 to 05/20/2022, and report a two-day absence from 05/23/2022 to 05/24/2022. This is a four-day absence from work (for full-time faculty, this is 4 days * 7 hours = 28 hours). Entering a Start Date of 05/19/2022 and an End Date 05/24/2022 would be a six-day absence, or 42 hours. 

Example Two: One partial day and two full days are requested


12. Enter the Start Date and End Date of the leave. Then click on the word "None" in the Partial Days row. This will open a pop up window asking you to select which days you took partial leave. In the example below, the option selected is a half day on the first day of leave. Click Done in the upper right corner.


13. The amount of leave is recalculated to two-and-a-half days or 17.50 hours.


Report Partial-Day Absences

14. To report a partial absence on a single day, select Absence Name and Reason. Set the Start Date and End Date for the same day. Click on the word None to the right of Partial Days.


15. In Partial Days pop-up menu, select All Days, slide All Days Are Half Days to No, and enter the number of hours of leave in the Duration box. Click Done (in the green box in the upper right corner).


16. The leave request now shows 2 hours for Duration.


17. To report a partial absence on multiple days when the number of hours absent is the same on each day, enter the Start Date and End Date for the absences. Click on None to the right of Partial Days. In the Partial Days pop-up menu, select All Days, slide the All Days Are Half Days to No, and enter the number of hours absent each day. The leave request will be recalculated to reflect the total number of hours absent over the requested days.


Enter Comments and Submit Request

18. You may enter optional Comments in the text box below the pull down menus.


19. Click the green Submit button in the upper right corner of the screen to submit your Absence Request.

20. A pop-up box will appear asking whether you are sure you want to submit your Absence Request.


21. Select the Yes button.

22. The Request Absence page now shows a Status of "Submitted" for this absence request.


23. The Absence Request is routed to your supervisor for approval.

24. Select Approval Chain in the lower left corner of the Absence Request page to see details of the approval process.

View additional information in ctcLink Reference Center:

Absence Request



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