How do students access online instructor course evaluations?

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Students can access online instructor course evaluations two ways; by logging into Canvas and by clicking the link provided in the email notifications. 

Accessing Online Instructor Course Evaluations Through Canvas

  • Students are sent email notifications and reminders in their Canvas inbox. When they open the message and click on the evaluation link, they will be taken directly to the evaluation. These messages are also sent to their Shoreline email account.
  • When students are logged into Canvas and click on their class, a popup will appear instructing them to complete their course evaluations. When students click "Go to Evaluation" it will take them directly into the evaluation.


Accessing Online Instructor Course Evaluations Through Email

A few days before the evaluations begin, students will receive a notification email. On the first day of the evaluation, students receive another email with a Survey Summary. When students click the "Go to Survey" link and it takes them directly into the evaluation. No login is required. 


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