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What is the video lecture recording consent process for face-to-face classes?

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Randy Gottfried
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If you record your lectures in your Face to Face or Zoom classes, here is some information to consider to protect student privacy.

 You do need to get student written permission to record them, if you:

  • show the students asking questions
  • refer to a student by name
  • repeat a student’s question in the recording
  • have students giving presentations
  • have any student video projects, such as student-made films.

You don’t need to get written permission if you:

  • do not show students who are asking questions 
  • don’t refer to the students by name
  • avoid repeating the student’s question in the recording (de-identifying the students removes the need for a specific consent from each student depicted)

If a student happens to appear on camera, their identity should be edited out or a written consent should be obtained.  It is recommended that you keep a copy of the consent forms in your files and give originals to your division office.


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