What do I do if my SID, PIN or email address is wrong?

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SID Number

Your SID (Student Identification Number) is a nine-digit number assigned when you are admitted. This is mailed to your home address. 

If you have forgotten your SID, you can use Look up My SID


PIN Number

Your PIN (Personal Identification Number) is usually your birthdate as a six digit number. For example, January 5, 1998 would be 010598.   By default at the time of admission, your personal identification number (PIN) is your six digit birth date, without spaces or dashes (MMDDYY).  If you changed your PIN and do not remember it, for verification purposes you must contact Enrollment Services.  They will verify who you are, and will take care of updating / fixing your PIN Number.


Student Email Account      @go.shoreline.edu

Shoreline Community College requires student use of college-assigned go.shoreline.edu e-mail accounts for all official messages such as grades, financial aid, etc. and for logins such as Canvas and Wi-Fi. These full Gmail accounts may be used even after leaving the College.

If a student needs to make a name change, or there is a spelling correction to the First or Last name associated in the email, the first step is to contact Enrollment Services.  They will provide the service to get things corrected. 



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