How do I edit my information in the campus directory and Outlook?

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Who shows in the directory?

  • Full time classified, exempt, and faculty employees always show in the directory.
  • Associate Faculty show in the directory in quarters in which they have assigned sections.
  • Hourly and student employees show in the directory only if a directory approver sets them to show.

To change or correct information

As of the implementation of ctcLink, different parts of a person’s information are set in different ways:


Items you can update as an employee

  • Bio (1200 characters max)
  • Photo and photo display (Your employee ID picture is your default photo. If you have a photo to display, select "Allow photo display" from the drop-down options. If you do not have an employee photo, you will see "No photo currently on file." Currently, employee photos are not being taken.)
  • Room/office number
  • Phone number
  • Office hours by quarter (only the current quarters office hours are shown at one time on your Employee Directory listing)

Items Human Resources will need to update

  • Name
  • Title
  • Education/training
  • Classes taught

To change the items listed above, please contact Human Resources at

What happens after I submit changes?

  • Changes you or HR submit in ctcLink will show up in the directory in a few hours.
  • Changes you submit using Update Directory Info are approved by your Division Approver, or C&M and HR as a backup if the division has no approver. Changes will show up once someone approves them.
  • A follow-up email will be sent to your email address once your changes have been approved or denied.
  • To see what your directory entry looks like to students, view this entry.

To update your Employee Directory information

  1. From the Employee Directory page, select Edit Directory Info from the left navigationedit-directory-info.jpg

  2. If you are not already logged in, you will be brought to the User Management Login page. The User Management site allows employees to update their emergency communication preferences, edit their Employee Directory information, view their ctcLink ID number, and more.

    Log in using your Shoreline Network username ( email address) and password. If you do not have or know your Shoreline Network information, please contact Human Resources.


  3. Once you log in, you will be taken to your My Directory Information page. Here you can update your information to be reflected on the public-facing Employee Directory.


  4. To update your information, type the new information in the boxes provided, then click the blue Save button. Your changes have been submitted for approval.


To remove information, delete the information from the box and click Save.


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