How do I submit grades in ctcLink?

Shoreline Policy 6260 Grades Procedure

The article below describes how to enter final grades in ctcLink. Shoreline Community College's Policy 6260, Grades Procedure explains the College's grading bases and business processes. You may wish to review the Grades Procedure before submitting grades.

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Additional information is available at ctcLink Troubleshooting 

Save Grades Often

NOTE:  ctcLink logs users out after a few minutes of inactivity. Save your grades every few minutes to prevent losing the grades you already entered if you are timed out of ctcLink. Your grades will be cleared or lost if your ctcLink page times out and you have not saved the grades you already entered. 

Entering Grades

Grades Rosters are posted on the My Schedule page

Navigation Using Tiles: Gateway > Faculty Center > My Schedule

Navigation Using NavBar: NavBar > Navigator > Self Service > Faculty Center > My Schedule


1. Open Faculty Center in the left navigation menu.


2. Your quarterly teaching schedule is shown on the My Schedule page, which is the default page for Faculty Center. The quarter shown is listed in the upper left corner of the page below the My Schedule title.


3. Use the Change Term dropdown box in the upper center of the page to select the quarter for which you are entering grades.

Save Grades Often

NOTE:  It is a good idea to save grade entries often as you are entering them. Your grades will be cleared or lost if your ctcLink page times out and you have not saved the grades you already entered.

The Save button is located in the Grade Roster Action box above the list of students receiving grades. 


Select Correct Term and Class

4. On the My Schedule page, verify that you are viewing the correct quarter and institution. If necessary, use the Change Term button to change between terms or institutions.


Open Grade Roster

5. To view the Grade Roster for an individual class, select the Grade Roster icon next to the appropriate class. This icon is located in the column to the right of the Class Roster column. When you click on the Grade Roster icon, the Grade Roster page for the course will open.


Select Change Term


6. On the Grade Roster page, you can change classes by selecting Change Class. When you click on Change Class, the My Schedule page will open again to allow you to choose a different class to enter grades. If you change classes without saving any grades you have entered for the class that is open, the grades you entered will be lost. Be sure to save any grades you have entered before switching to another class.


Select the Change Class button


7. On the Grade Roster page, you will see class details at the top of the screen. Lower down on the screen, you will see a list of students with a drop-down menu next to each student's name. You will use the drop-down menu next to each student's name to enter a grade for each student.


Note: The Grade Roster shows only 20 students per page. For classes with more than 20 students enrolled, use the arrow in the upper right of the list of students to open additional pages. Be sure to submit grades for all enrolled students. See circled box below that indicates in the example in this screen shot that the first page of the Grade Roster shows 1-20 of 26 students enrolled. The additional students are listed on the next page of the Grade Roster, which you can see by clicking on the arrow to the right of the circled box.




8. As you look over the Grade Roster (see example above), you will see that Official Grades such as W (Withdrawal) and N (Audit) are already entered in the Grade Roster. You will not enter grades for students who have already received an Official Grade. The Grading Basis column will show the original grading basis for students who have withdrawn from the class, and will show AUD for students who are auditing the class. Instructors cannot enter an N. If there is no N entered for an AUD student, email Enrollment Services with the Class Number and Student ID and ask them to enter the N for the student.


9. You may also notice a Transcript Note tab at the top of the Grade Roster. Do not open the Transcript Note tab, and do not add notes to student transcripts. Shoreline is not implementing the Transcript Note feature of ctcLink. Enrollment Services will run a report after grades are submitted and remove any transcript notes entered by faculty.




Enter Grades in Grade Roster


10. To enter grades, select the appropriate grade from the dropdown box to the right of each student's name. The example screen above shows the Graded (decimal grade) grading basis in the dropdown menu. Your class will have a different drop-down menu if it is using the BEdA or P/NP grading basis. The Grading Basis column will show the grade basis for the class or for the student (if the student has exercised Student Option Grading) as BGB for BEdA, GRD for Graded, or PNP for Pass/Not Pass. For more information, see What are the grade bases in ctcLink?

11. If you enter a grade of 0.0, NP, or Z, the system will prompt you to enter the student's Last Date of Attendance using a calendar widget. You will not be able to save your grades if you do not enter a Last Date of Attendance for students when who receive 0.0, NP, or Z grades. If the student never attended your class, enter the first day of the term as the Last Date of Attendance.

12. After entering all student grades, click on the Save button located in the Grade Roster Action box. If you do not save your grades, they will be lost when you navigate away from the Grade Roster.



13. Review the grades for accuracy. Do not change the Approval Status until you have saved your grades. 

Note: Changing the Approval Status from Not Reviewed to Approved before you save your grades will cause all the grades you entered to be lost.

14. If you are satisfied that you have entered all grades correctly for all students and you have Saved your grades, in the Grade Roster Action box choose Approved from the dropdown menu.

15. Click on Save again to save the Approved status. Saving grades in Approved status submits them to Enrollment Services, which will post them to students.

Before Enrollment Services has posted grades to students, you can make changes to grades after saving an Approved grade roster by changing the status back to Not Reviewed. This will allow you to make necessary grade changes. Once you have made any necessary change, save the grades again, change the Approval Status back to Approved, and save the Approval Status.


Approve roster and select Save


Approved Grades posted to students by Enrollment Services

Note: Once grades are saved in Approved status and posted to students by Enrollment Services, you the Approved status will be grayed out and the word Posted will appear to the right of the Approval Status. Once grades are posted, instructors may use the Grade Change Authorization form to send grade changes to Enrollment Services up to one calendar year after the initial grades are submitted.


Adding the Same Grade to Multiple Students

16. To add the same grade to multiple students at a time (e.g., for P/NP classes), ensure that the grade roster has not been saved to Approved. If grade roster status is Approved, change to Not Reviewed.

a. Select the appropriate students.

b. Activate the dropdown list and choose the appropriate grade.

c. Select the <-Add this grade to selected students button.


Select students

17. The grade you have chosen will be entered in the dropdown menu for the selected students. After you have entered all the grades for the class, save the grades, change Approval Status to Approved, and save the Approval Status. 


Grades will dispaly


Printer Friendly Grade Roster

18. You can open a Printer Friendly Version of your Grade Roster by clicking on the link in the lower right under the Grade Roster in Faculty Center.




You can also view a guide to submitting grades in the ctcLink Reference Center. 


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