How do I view a student's academic information?

Viewing Student Information

Navigate to Advisee's Student Center via Tiles

1. From the Advisor Homepage click on the Advisor Center tile. 


2. In Advisor Center, click on Student Center in the left navigation, which will open the Advisee's Student Center search table.


3. Enter information about the student. This can be the student's ctcLink ID number or the Last Name and First Name

4. Click on Search.

Navigate to Student Services Center via the Nav Bar

1. From the ctcLink CS Staff Homepage or the ctcLink Advisor Homepage, go to the Nav Bar by clicking on the compass icon in the top right corner.


2. Click on the Navigator icon.


3. In the Navigator, click on Student Services Ctr (Student).

4. Enter Enter information about the student. This can be the student's ctcLink ID number or the Last Name and First Name. Click on Search.


Student Center

5. A successful search opens either an Advisee Student Center page or a Student Center page that shows the student's class schedule for the current quarter. Depending on your security clearance, you can access additional student information from this page by clicking on the links in the left navigation menu for the Advisee Student Center or in the top navigation menu in the Student Center.

6. The main difference between the Advisee Student Center and the Student Center is where the search tabs are located. The search tabs are on the left in Advisee Student Center and they are across the top in Student Center. In either view, you can access additional academic information about the student by using the dropdown menu for other academic under the Academics heading.

Advisee Student Center Example


Student Center Example



7. Look for the Academics section of the page in either the Advisee Student Center or the Student Center page. In this section of the page, there are four options to view student information. Selecting any of the four links navigates to a page with more information. 

a. My Class Schedule: View the student's class schedule.

b. Shopping Cart: View the student's course shopping cart (note: this feature of ctcLink is not implemented for Spring 2022).

c. My Planner: View the student's course planner (note: Shoreline is implementing Starfish for student advisement and will not be using the ctcLink My Planner feature).

d. Other Academic: Access additional academic information including academic requirements, grades, transfer credits, and more. Use the arrow link to the right of "other academic" to open a dropdown menu with the options listed below. Click Cancel at the bottom of the page to return to the student's Advisee Student Center or Student Center page.

i. Academic Requirements: View which Academic Plan requirements the student has met.

ii. Advising Notes: Note: Shoreline is implementing Starfish for advising notes and is not implementing the ctcLink Advising Notes feature.

iii. Assignments: Note: Shoreline has not implemented the Gradebook feature of ctcLink that includes the Assignments function.

iv. Course History: View a list of all courses the student has completed and the grades received, including courses the student has transferred to Shoreline for credit.

v. Exam Schedule: Note: Shoreline has not implemented the Exam Schedule feature of ctcLink.

vi. Grades: View by term student grades for courses completed at Shoreline.

v. Transfer Credit: Report: View the student's transfer credits, including course credits, test credits, and other credits (such as credit for prior learning).

Additional information is posted at the ctcLink Reference Center about Viewing Student Information.


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