How do I log in to ctcLink vs Canvas vs the Library and other campus services?

ctcLink is Shoreline's self-service portal which allows you to manage your college business online, including enrolling in classes, checking your financial records and aid, paying tuition, viewing unofficial transcripts, and more. You will use your ctcLink ID and password to log into ctcLink and Canvas.

To log into all other online resources, you will use your Shoreline Network Account username and password. Your Shoreline Network Account username will contain if you are a student, and if you are a Shoreline employee.

You will use your Shoreline Network Account credentials to log into on-campus and online systems, including:

  • Ray Howard Library online resources
  • Starfish (Shoreline's advising portal)
  • On campus Wi-Fi
  • On campus computers
  • Communication Preferences/RAVE
  • Accessible Information Management (AIM) for Student Accessibility Services
  • Your optional Shoreline email account (for students)
  • Office365/Teams/SharePoint (for employees)

For more information about when to use your ctcLink ID to log in versus when to use your Shoreline Network Account, view the Student Accounts page on our website.

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