Why can't I see my class(es) in Canvas?

There are times when you log into Canvas and not see all the classes for which you have registered. There are a couple of common explanations for why this happens:

  1. If you are a new Shoreline student then, your Canvas account will not be available until a week or two before the first day of instruction.
  2. There is a short delay between when you are officially registered in a class and when the information reaches Canvas. It's wise to verify that you are officially enrolled in the class in ctcLink so you can take action if needed.
  3. Instructors at Shoreline are required to make their fully online Canvas courses available by noon on the first day of the quarter. Some instructors have the classes available earlier than that, but others wait until the first day of the quarter. If you do not see a Canvas course and it is past noon on the first day of classes, you can contact support@shoreline.edu for assistance. 
    1. Instructors teaching hybrid and face-to-face classes publish their Canvas classes when they are ready. You can ask them about them when you are in class with them.


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