How do I make an appointment with my advisor in Starfish?


Due to the college ransomware incident, Starfish is not currently receiving updated data from college systems. Because of this, any changes to your class enrollments after September 12, 2023 do not currently show in the system, and students who were not enrolled in classes by this date cannot access the system.


You can make an appointment with your advisor in Starfish by locating your advisor in your success network, viewing their profile, and scheduling an appointment with them directly. If you want to make an appointment with any advisor with the soonest availability, you can schedule an appointment using the Academic Advising service profile in “My Services.” International students should use the International Education service profile.


  1. Log into Starfish.
  2. Locate your advisor in the My Connections section of the My Success Network landing page.
  3. Click on your advisor’s name to navigate to their Starfish profile.
  4. Click the Schedule Appointment button in the left sidebar.
  5. From the options provided, select the reason you need to meet with your advisor. If none of the reasons are exactly right, choose the closest option. Click Continue in the bottom right corner.
  6. From the available options, choose the time and date that works best for you. Additional options will display if you adjust the date range on the calendar on the left side of the page. Click Continue in the bottom right corner.
  7. Review the appointment details, including time, date, location, and reason. If you want to discuss one of your current classes, click the Add a Course button, select the appropriate course from the drop-down menu, and click Save.
  8. Be sure to enter as much detail as possible in the optional comment box to help your advisor prepare for the appointment.
  9. Click Confirm in the bottom right.


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