Setting Up Honorlock in a Canvas Course

We are using Honorlock selectively at the course level for instructors. We need to keep a list of people who use it, reach out to them to see if they are going to use it in the upcoming quarter and let Jenifer Aydelotte know so that she can add that note to the course in the Course Catalogue. 

  • During week 6 of the quarter, we need to reach out to all faculty, via email, who used Honorlock previously and ask them if they are using it this upcoming quarter.  

    •  Send an email asking them to reply to the email with the information that you need: 

      1. Email Example: â€œHello, it is that time of the quarter again.  We are building out courses and need to let students know which courses are using Honorlock.  If you are receiving this email, then you have used or expressed interest in, Honorlock.  We just checked the schedule and see that you have classes this upcoming quarter and we would like to know if you plan on using Honorlock or not.  Please respond to this email letting us know what section number and if you need us to set up Honorlock for you.  If you are copying your course from a previous quarter with Honorlock already installed, then it will automatically be in your new course after you copy if over.  If you are creating a course from scratch or copying from a course without Honorlock already installed, then we need to add it.   If you are not using Honorlock anymore, please let us know so that we can take you off our list.  If you want help from an Instructional Designer to help you design an assessment so that you do not use Honorlock anymore, please let us know. 

  • Once requests to use Honorlock come in, the Canvas Admin will need to do the following:  

    1. Update the list on the Honorlock tracking sheet. This list all the faculty using it, what course, what quarter, etc.

    2. Once you have about 50% of the faculty who use it respond, we need to send an email to Jenifer Aydelotte, the link to the tracking sheet and let her know that faculty are notifying us that they are using Honorlock.  She will update the Course Schedule and mark that she has completed that on that sheet. 

    3. With the Canvas courses that were already using Honorlock, faculty can just copy over that course, and the setting come over.  Then you do not need to do anything after that. Shannon Flynn is the only one who needs help by adding it to her course each quarter.   

      • Here are the steps for adding Honorlock at the course level: 

      1. Go to Course Settings in the class and click on Apps > View App Configurations
      2.  Add new App > Select URL
      3. Enter data from attached Honorlock.txt file and click, Submit.
    4. We need to make sure that all faculty have responded, so keep reaching out weekly if they do not respond. If at some point, maybe 3 weeks before the course starts and the faculty member has not responded, you need to each out to the Instructor and include the Dean. 
  • If an instructor turns in a request to add Honorlock to their course for the first time, you will need to add them to the list and let them know that they need to talk with an Instructional Designer first.  The IDs have a speech about Honorlock, the efficacy, inequality, and trust aspects.  If the instructor still wants it, the ID will let you know to add it to their course.  

  • The Canvas Admin can run a report quarterly to see if any faculty not listed in the tracking sheet are using Honorlock.  (Need to find those directions)

  • If a new instructor is using Honorlock, then let an ID know so that they can reach out to the instructor to see if they would like to work with an ID to create an alternative assessment that they feel comfortable not using Honorlock.  


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