ctcLink Error Codes While Activating Account or Creating Password

No Match Was Found (when activating)

If you receive the No match was found error while activating, it is typically because some of your information is incorrect. Please carefully check the spelling, date format, and ctcLink ID. If this does not fix the issue please email Enrollment Services and include your name, ctcLink ID and a screenshot of the error code. 

Your ctcLink ID Could Not Be Created (when activating)

If you receive the Your ctcLink ID could not be created error while activating, your account is not fully configured. Please email Enrollment Services with the following information, if applicable.

  1. Name:
  2. ctcLink ID:
  3. Application Number:

Your ctcLink ID Could Not Be Created (when setting up your password)

If you receive the Your ctcLink ID could not be created error while setting your password, it is typically because of one of the following three reasons:

  1. You are using your first or last name in your password.
  2. Your security answer is too long/short. It should be within 6 – 15 characters.
  3. You have entered an incorrect email or phone number.
  4. You did not add a phone number for both voice call and text.
  5. Your security answers contains a word from the security question (“Question factor” error). 
  6. Your phone number must be 10-digits. 
  7. Double check your email address. 

Please confirm that you are following these instructions. It is also possible you've received this message in error, try to login in with the password you just set.



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