How do I accept a part-time or moonlight faculty contract?

Additional Information:  Access Contract Info in Faculty Center

From your ctcLink Gateway page, select the Faculty Center link from the left side of page.


Select the Contract Info link for issued/approved contracts to load.

Contract Info link

Example of Contract Info page.

Contract Info page


Accept Contract(s) in Faculty Center


Navigate to Contract Page

Use the Faculty Center to access the Contract Info page (see above) or use the Nav Bar to find your Contract Info

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Self Service > Faculty Center> Contract Info

1. Click on Contract Info in the Faculty Center to display a table of part-time and moonlight contracts and stipended assignments.

2. All contracts (letters of intent) are displayed in a table listed by Term

3. In the Contract Signed column on the right side of the table, the check box will be unchecked for contracts you have not yet accepted.

4. You may see multiple contracts for a single quarter if you have been offered more than one type of assignment. Instructional assignments (e.g., associate faculty or moonlight assignments) will be listed separately from stipended work (e.g., a special assignment to do something like curriculum development). You may also see multiple contracts for different types of instructional assignments (e.g., classroom instruction v. private lessons for Music faculty). You must accept each contract separately.

Select Contract(s) to View

5. Select a contract that you have not signed. There may be more than one. Click on the View Contract link to the right of the check boxes to see the details of the contract you wish to accept.


Contract Info page


6. The Contract Information will be shown on a new page.

7.  Instructional assignments (class sections) will be listed as Associate Faculty or Moonlight contracts. For class assignments, the Class Nbr in the first column indicates the section you are being offered to teach. If you are being offered more than one class section, there will be an additional line in the table for each section. Combined sections will appear on multiple lines, e.g., combined sections of dual listed classes such as CJ135/SOC135, Current Issues in Crime and Society, will appear as two sections.

The final two columns in the contract table list the total pay for the term and the percentage of full-time faculty equivalent workload (e.g., 33.333 percent). Combined sections will be listed separately, but only the lead section will generate pay or workload, i.e., if, in the above example the CJ135 section is generating pay and workload, the SOC135 section will show zero total pay and zero FTE%. By contrast, classes that have multiple components, such as LAB and LEC components, will show pay and workload on separate lines for each component.


8. Stipended work (e.g., a stipend paid for curriculum development) will be listed as a Special Assignment or SPA contract. There will be a brief description of the type of work being offered, the number of expected hours, the start and stop dates for the work, and the total pay.   


NOTE: If you think there may be an error in your contract, stop here and contact your division or department administrative assistant to request that the contract be corrected and reissued. 

Accept Contract(s)

9. To accept a contract, scroll to the bottom of the electronic contract (letter of intent).

10. Under the contract generation date the Accept and Reject buttons are displayed.

Note: You should reject a contract only if you are turning down the offer to teach or perform stipended work. If you believe there is an error in your contract, do not reject the contact but instead contact your division or department administrative assistant or class scheduler to request that they correct and reissue the contract.

11. To the right of the contract generation date, in the Initials field, enter your initials, representing your electronic signature on the contract, which is stored in the contract along with the User ID and date/time stamp of the person signing the contract.

Acceptance of Employment

12. If the Accept button is selected, a pop up message will appear, confirming the intention to accept the contract.  

13. Select Yes to confirm.

Yes to accept contract message

Print or Save Contract(s)

14. After you accept a contract, the View Contract page displays. You can print or save a contract at the time you sign it, or you can open it again later to print or save a copy. To open the contract later, navigate to the Contract Info page (see above) and click on View Contract.


15. A Print button is located at the bottom of a signed contract. Clicking this button allows you to print the contract or save a copy of it as a PDF.


Print contract button


16. Select the Return button to exit the contract and return to the Contract Info page on the Faculty Center. If you have additional contracts to accept, click on View Contract for each unsigned contract and follow the process described above.

Changes to Contracts

17. If a change is made to a contract you accepted, e.g., you are assigned to teach a different section than the one that was listed on the original contract, the first contract will be rescinded and a new contract will be issued. You will then see a revised contract listed for which the Contract Signed box is unchecked. You will need to sign the new contract following the process described above to accept your revised teaching assignment.


  • If you believe there is an error in your contract, do not reject the contact but instead contact your division administrative assistant or department scheduler to request that the contract be corrected and reissued.
  • You should reject a contract only if you are turning down the offer to teach a class or perform stipended work.


You can also view this guide in the ctcLink Reference Center.


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