6:00 a.m. TSS was made aware of multiple service outages here on campus including our website. We are actively investigating and hope to have more information soon.

IT Outage Update

Shoreline Community College appears to have experienced a ransomware attack, which has left the College website and campus Wi-Fi currently inaccessible. Due to this IT systems outage, our campus will transition the majority of our operations to remote work until further notice. The College is working with local and federal authorities to resolve this issue.  During this time campus remains open, however there is no access to the College website or campus wi-fi on college grounds 

CAMPUS Info:  




Please stay tuned for further updates as they are available.  

Thank you,  

Technology Support Services  




FAQ / Resources 

What can be accessed on campus right now? 

  • In-person classes and final exams can continue on-campus, whenever possible. 

What can be accessed remotely? 

  • Email: SCC employee email @ Outlook.com > sign in. 

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